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"Pro-life" fraud, Knight of Malta, Roman Catholic, Rick Santorum’s candidacy designed by NWO establishment to siphon-off votes of deceived pro-lifers in 2012 ?

Similar to Jesuit-ruled, CFR-member Fred Thompson’s bogus candidacy in 2008 campaign, which was backed by the Vatican’spro-life[sic] front organization, anti-State-level personhood National Right to “Life” [ sic ] ?
[ The long-time (30+ years) General Counsel of National Right to “Life” [ sic ], James Bopp, Jr., has infamously written an 11-page memo in 2007 attacking State-level personhood legislation; and the state chapters of National Right to “Life” [ sic ], in various States, including Michigan, Missouri, Montana, and South Carolina, have either opposed, tried to kill (as in South Carolina), and/or not supported, principled pro-life State-level personhood legislation. ]

Read and download the complete report here.