END of UNJUST NWO Crusade War against IRAQ (2003-2011) – Part 2

Continued from Part 1:

December 26, 2011

END of UNJUST NWO Crusade War against IRAQ (2003-2011) – Part 2

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The bogus War on Terror is Rome’s  Vatican / Jesuit General / PapalTenth Crusade” – advancing Rome’s New World Order.

This is the Globalist agenda behind 9-11, and the series of wars, conflict, and general CHAOS   in the Middle East which that False Flag event on 9/11/2001 effectively launched.  The fighting, turmoil, and bloodshed in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, and the so-called “Arab Spring” involving Egypt, Libya, Syria, and elsewhere, are part of this cruel scenario.   And now we are hearing the war-mongering rhetoric of those who want the United States to be ready to go to war against Iran.  Where was the United States’ support in 2009-2010 when there were bona fide popular election protests of the people in Iran against this latest designated Mid-East boogeyman, Freemason Mahmoud Ahmadinejad ?!?!?!  

Freemason Ahmadinejad is playing a NWO role, right along with these his fellow Masonic brothers:  

1)  U.S. “President” Barack Hussein Obama  –   32nd Degree Prince Hall Mason, Papal Servant
2)  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu  –  Freemason
3)  Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas  –  Freemason
[ Photo ]
4)  Israeli President Shimon Peres (a former Israeli Prime Minister)  –  Jesuiteducated,                                                                                                                   Freemason
5)  Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak (a former Israeli Prime Minister)  –  Freemason
6)  Jordanian King Abdullah II  –  Freemason                                                                                     7)  Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair  –  Freemason, Knight of Malta, Bilderberger,                                                                             
Roman Catholic                                                                             –  Special representative of the so-called                                                                             “Quartet” – the U.S., the U.N., the                                                                             European Union and Russia                                   8 )  Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad –  Freemason !!!

Ordo Ab Chao“Order Out of Chaos”

The New World Order operative dynamic is “CHAOS” – to then bring a      pre-planned “ORDER” 

Scottish Rite Freemasonry 33rd Degree motto:  (The New World) Order Out of (pre-planned, contrived, or opportunistic) Chaos


The United Nations – framework for the New World Order of one-world socialist / marxist / fascist / Masonic / Romanist / Jesuitical global tyranny.

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Continued … See complete report at:

END of UNJUST NWO Crusade War against IRAQ (2003-2011) – Part 2
December 15, 2011 – U.S. Secretary of Defense, Jesuit-educated, Knight of Malta, Roman Catholic                                    Leon Panetta and JCS Chairman, Knight of Malta, Roman Catholic Army General                                  Martin Dempsey attend Baghdad end-of-war / casing-the-colors ceremony
Posted: December 26, 2011 / Corrected and Revised December 31, 2011 / Edited and Revised Jan. 6, 2012

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