Sanctity of Life Campaign Radio Commercial Airing on WISW – 1320 AM, Columbia, SC



CONGRESS (US House District 2)


RADIO SPOT # 1 – Sanctity of Life

Steve Lefemine

Constitution Party candidate for US House Second District (SC)

Lefemine For Life for Congress

P.O. Box 50358, Columbia, SC 29250

(803) 765-0916


Hi, I’m Johnny Gardner, director of Voice of the Unborn. We need to return our nation to being a republic, one nation under God and end the murder of our unborn children. Please vote for Pro-Life Steve Lefemine

for Congress in District 2.


Hi, I’m Steve Lefemine, Constitution Party candidate for Congress. If your present Congressman is Joe Wilson, you have a real choice to make, especially on two issues, the Sanctity of Human Life and the War in Iraq.

I am pro-life and anti-abortion. Joe Wilson is NOT. Joe Wilson is NOT a co-sponsor of the Right to Life Act to end abortion, and he is voting for bills that fund abortion and fund abortionists, like Planned Parenthood.

Thanks to the anti-life actions of Joe Wilson, George Bush, and the Republican-majority Congress, Planned Parenthood gets over $100 MILLION of your tax money each year.

On November 2, if you oppose abortion and taxpayer funding of it, please vote for Steve Lefemine For Life for Congress.

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