Iraq War Campaign Radio Commercial Airing on WISW – 1320 AM, Columbia, SC

CONGRESS (US House District 2)


RADIO SPOT # 2 – War in Iraq

Steve Lefemine
Constitution Party candidate for US House Second District (SC)

Lefemine For Life for Congress
P.O. Box 50358
Columbia, SC 29250
(803) 765-0916

“War in Iraq”

Hi, I’m Steve Lefemine, Constitution Party candidate for Congress. If your present Congressman is Joe Wilson, you have a real choice to make, especially on two issues, the Sanctity of Human Life and the War in Iraq.

I would have voted against the unconstitutional Iraq War Resolution that Joe Wilson Voted FOR in October 2002 before President Bush illegally ordered our troops into combat the next March. Only Congress can declare war, according to our Constitution. I oppose the War and support speedy withdrawal for our troops.

It was President Bush Sr. in Gulf War I who spoke publicly of a “new world order.” Now over 1,000 American troops have been killed in Gulf War II. We don’t need even one more soldier to die for the Illuminati elites’ “new world order.”

Joe Wilson is a big supporter of George W. Bush, who will keep us perpetually at war for years to come.

On November 2, if you are opposed to the Iraq War and support speedy withdrawal for our troops, please vote for Steve Lefemine for Congress.

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