UPI News, September 24, 1975 – Roman Catholic Church considering moving Vatican to Jerusalem

“Informed sources say that if Italy goes Communist, as it appears it will, the Roman Catholic Church will move the Vatican to Jerusalem. The Vatican has never recognized Israel as a nation, nor accepted Jerusalem as a part of Israel. A UPI News release dated September 24, 1975, carried the following information:

The report appeared in today’s edition of the Naples Daily Roma along with a photograph of a plastic model of a building resembling Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris where the newspaper said the move was under consideration in the event that the Communist Party wins a relative majority in the next national elections scheduled for 1977.”

Source: “The LORD’s HOUSE: THE TEMPLE”, Chapter 5 – Jesus Christ In The Temple, pp. 23,24, The Southwest Radio Church, 1977.

Read and download the complete report here.

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