CFR-member, pro-NAFTA Newt Gingrich coming to Greenville, SC March 24, 2011

Subject: Letter to the Editor
Fr: Steve Lefemine, March 10, 2011

CFR-member Newt Gingrich Voted for / Promoted NAFTA

Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) member Newt Gingrich is beginning to emerge more publicly as the New World Order Globalist Establishment’s likely number one horse in the race for the Republican presidential nomination in 2012. If RINO Gingrich wins the South Carolina GOP Primary in 2012 and goes on to win the Republican Party nomination, it would be another disgrace for this State, and a disaster for America (just as John “McAmnesty” McCain did, and was, in 2008, leading to the election of CFR-member John McCain’s fellow servant of the New World Order, Marxist Barrack H. Obama. McCain /Obama/Gingrich (and Bush Sr./Clinton/Bush Jr. for that matter), are at the end of the day just different sides, albeit to different degrees, of the same socialist/marxist One-Worlder coin, i.e., servants/puppets of the New World Order vision of global government, eroding and stealing the sovereignty of nations,including America’s. Wake up South Carolina, don’t listen to voices that praise Globalist Gingrich !

One significant example of one-worlder RINO Newt Gingrich’s globalist credentials is his vote in favor of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) Implementation Act on November 17, 1993. In a majority Democrat U.S. House of Representatives, Gingrich was a major factor in delivering a majority of the House Republicans to vote for NAFTA !!! This NAFTA Act passed by a vote of 234-200, with 132 Republicans voting “Aye”, including future Speaker of the House Newt “NAFTA-NWO” Gingrich.

Another more recent example of the true “Big Tent” amoral/immoral operation of the application of Newt Gingrich’s “politics” is his 2009 support for pro-abortion, pro-sodomite RINO Dede Scozzafava in the well-publicized NY U.S. House District #23 special election.

Internet links and more details about both of these examples, Gingrich’s NAFTA advocacy and his pro-NAFTA vote in 1993, and his endorsement of pro-abortion, pro-sodomite RINO Scozzafava, are available on-line in a CCL report on CFR-member Newt Gingrich’s recent appearance March 7 in an event for presidential candidates in Iowa, at: , on the “News 2011+” page. This comprehensive 4-sheet (8-pages) report on Gingrich, what he represents, and how he ties into the NWO scheme of things, is formatted for easy printing and use as a hand-out. Also, for further information, you can e-mail: .

The scheduled appearance of CFR RINO Globalist Gingrich at the March 24 meeting of the Greenville County Republican Women’s Club is another opportunity for Gingrich’s fake “conservative” deception to be at work again in South Carolina, with fellow CFR-member Rupert Murdoch’s FOX News “First in the South” Republican presidential debate in Greenville scheduled on May 5. Are we going to see the SC Republican Legislative leaders line up behind this demonstrated enemy of American sovereignty, as they lined-up behind Gingrich’s fellow CFR-member John McCain at a SC State House news conference in January 2007 ? May the Greenville County Republican Women have the discernment and courage to confront and expose this traitorous and dangerous politician who has demonstrated: 1) He is willing to compromise the Bible’s moral teaching on the Sanctity of Human Life, as well as, 2) The Bible’s moral teaching about Sodomy, and who has also, 3) Demonstrated his willingness to erode and destroy American manufacturing, manufacturing jobs, and America’s Sovereignty by his vote and advocacy for NAFTA. This is just a sampling of the danger which a Newt “NAFTA-NWO” Gingrich presidency would represent. Please don’t let Gingrich and his puppeteers force America into a North American version of the European Union, on the way to One-World Government.

May God help South Carolina voters not to make the same error in o/a January 2012 that Republican Presidential Primary voters made in January 2008, when they selected CFR-member John McCain.

Steve Lefemine, pro-life missionary
dir., Columbia Christians for Life (CCL)
PO Box 50358
Columbia, SC 29250

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  1. Whether it was helping to build the Republican Party of Georgia back when Democrats controlled the entire state or leading the nationwide effort in 1994 to break 40 years of Democratic rule in the House, Newt has always tried to advance the cause of a truly conservative Republican party. This has always meant supporting the most conservative nominee possible as selected by Republican primary voters…Newt still believes in this principle, however, he has admitted it was a mistake to back Dede Scozzafava, the Republican nominee in the 2009 NY-23 special election….

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