Call to Dunkirk: Rescue Christian Children


The Exodus Mandate Project ( ) is offering a one-year emergency plan for 2009 to rescue Christian children from the godless, pagan public schools and to place them in K-12 Christian or home schools. This rescue plan, the “Call to Dunkirk ,” is named after the World War II event of 1940 in which 340,000 British and Allied troops were miraculously rescued from the beaches of Dunkirk in the face of the German Nazi War machine. State-run public schools have become destructive to our children’s Christian faith. They no longer educate but rather indoctrinate. Not only morally corrupt, public schools are unsafe because of the violence and crime that occurs in them on a regular basis. JOIN THE DRAMATIC PLAN BEING OFFERED AT THE LINK BELOW.

Call to Dunkirk : on YouTube:

Currently too many pastors along with Christian ministry and denominational leaders are not providing leadership for their flocks or denominations, by first warning their families and members of the danger to children from the K-12 public education system much less by offering K-12 Christian education or home schooling services in or through their churches. We hope that this “Call to Dunkirk ” video, with background music by Judy Rogers, will be helpful to awaken the pastors and Christian leaders to their God-ordained roles and duties in this area. Please, forward the link for this “Call to Dunkirk ” video to your pastors and other Christian ministry or denominational leaders that you know. WE URGENTLY NEED YOUR HELP!

Frontline Ministries and The Exodus Mandate Project are offering for a donation of $50 or more, a special CD entitled “Here I Stand” by popular singer/songwriter Judy Rogers (see ). Judy Rogers is a major song writer and singer for the growing “back to K-12 Christian education and home schooling” in America . This CD produced by Judy Rogers includes songs she has written or arranged in traditional, ballad or Celtic style and are largely taken from the Psalms and Ten Commandments. The unique feature of this CD is that the first song entitled “Here I Stand” was written in honor of Judge Roy Moore, the Ten Commandments Judge. This song was originally performed by Judy Rogers at the annual Frontline Ministries/ Exodus Mandate banquet in October 2003 at which Judge Roy Moore was the banquet speaker. Both Judy Rogers and Judge Roy Moore have expressed strong support for the efforts of the Exodus Mandate Project to provide K-12 Christian education or home school services for Christian children.

If you want to help advance the Exodus Mandate Project and, in particular, assist the “Call to Dunkirk ” as a one-year emergency plan to rescue children who are trapped in the failing public school system, go to our web page at and click on the “donate” button. Any donation will help this effort. For a donation of $50 and above, you will receive Judy Rogers’ CD, “Here I Stand.” (Please, indicate that you want to receive the CD by clicking on the drop-down menu on the donate page.) Do this soon as “Here I Stand” will make an excellent gift to your family or loved one and will also help advance K-12 Christian education and home schooling in America by helping Exodus Mandate get the message to millions of Americans over the next year.

Above all, please, preview the “Call to Dunkirk ” on and forward it to your pastor, family and friends. This will give you a tool to help rescue the children in your family and community. Blessings.

In His grip,

E. Ray Moore, Jr.
Chaplain (Lt. Colonel) USAR Ret.

Frontline Ministries/Exodus Mandate
PO Box 12072
Columbia , SC 29211

Christian Children Need Christian Education

For more information on the teams that are joining us from First Class Home School Ministries and Alpha Omega Publications, please, visit their web sites at and You can visit the for the latest news on the ongoing government school crisis in California.

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