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Rick Perry is not credible as a Christian statesman:

Bilderberger, Pro-TTC, Globalist, supports “States’ Rights” [sic] Child-Murder and Sodomite Coupling
August 6, 2011 – Governor Rick Perry holds large prayer rally in sports stadium in Houston, Texas

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The Illuminati / Masonic-design of Israel’s Supreme Court Building in Jerusalem

– Even including a completed Pyramid with the Masonic “All Seeing” [sic] Eye of Lucifer on the roof of the building !!!
Last Updated on 21 February 2011
By Jerry Golden (Christian of Jewish heritage)
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A Tribute to Georgia Rep. Bobby Franklin, Christian Constitutionalist and Statesman

“A Tribute to Rep. Bobby Franklin” compiled by Theonomy Resources, August 1, 2011
Includes: 1) Constitution Party of Georgia statement;
2) Video: “Rep. Bobby Franklin defends the rights of unborn children”
[ CCL: on the floor of the 180-member Georgia House of Representatives ];
3) Video: Covenant Commission statement

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GA Rep. Bobby Franklin’s Cause of Death "remains a mystery" ?

56-year-old Bobby Franklin died sometime between Friday, July 22 and Tuesday, July 26

State Rep. Bobby Franklin Found Dead
Foul play is not suspected, although the cause of death at his Northeast Cobb house remains a mystery.

July 26, 2011

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